fleabag - series one

FLEABAG – Series One

The BBC is currently celebrating televised comedy via its ‘Landmark Sitcom Season’. Amidst the remakes of popular shows—such as Porridge and Are You Being...

line of duty - series 3

LINE OF DUTY – Series Three

What exactly is BBC2’s police drama Line of Duty? A forensically detailed examination of corruption, stuffed full of pitch-perfect jargon-heavy dialogue, with a complex...

MAY 2016: The Best of Film & TV

Summer's just around the corner, but the blockbusters are already here! Below, I've selected some of the most notable films and TV shows debuting in May 2016. If you think there’s anything missing, please mention in the comments below.


STAG (BBC, 2016)

There’s a long tradition of stories about groups of people being hunted and killed, one by one, by a mystery assailant (most owing a...