What’s it about? An ordinary school teacher Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) is given omnipotent powers by a group of extra-terrestrials (voiced by the Monty Python troupe) planning to demolish Earth, meaning he can do “absolutely anything”. Now the fate of the world rests on Neil using his abilities responsibly. Not, um, wishing himself a more muscular physique, ordering excrement to flush itself, and giving his dog Dennis the power of speech (voiced by Robin Williams). From the look of this official trailer, Absolutely Anything is essentially Bruce Almighty given a dose of British zaniness by director Terry Jones (Erik the Viking).

Who else is in this? Kate Beckinsale takes a break from motherhood (and killing vampires whilst wearing skintight leather) to play Neil’s love-interest Catherine, while there’s support from a rosta of British comedy actors like Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, Robert Bathurst, Meera Syal, and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Best moment? Neil wishing that “everyone who died be alive again”, which cues horrifying scenes of zombies crawling up from the ground.

Worst-case scenario? A childish version of Bruce Almighty that plays like a short film stretched to feature-length, that calls in lots of favours from showbiz pals and Python enthusiasts.

Best-case scenario? An imaginative British comedy that has cheeky fun with the Bruce Almighty concept, playing the idea for big and ridiculous laughs.

When is this released? 14 August in the UK. Um, May 2016 in the U.S (yes, thirteen months from now).