What is this one about? The fifth entry in the 20-year-old action thriller franchise finds the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) being dissolved just as an “anti-IMF” rival organisation called The Syndicate reveal themselves. Isn’t that always the way?

Who’s sitting in the director’s chair? Adding a M:I film to his resume, after Brian De Palma, John Woo, J.J Abrams and Brad Bird is Christopher McQuarrie–the screenwriter of The Usual Suspects, who also directed Cruise in Jack Reacher. McQuarrie also wrote M:I-V‘s script.

Who’s in it? Tom Cruise has headlined every M:I film since the franchise began in 1995, so he’s back because these are the only guaranteed hits he’s been involved in since War of the Worlds ten years ago. After some early flux, M:I films appear to be comfortable with its post-III line-up of tech guru Benji (Simon Pegg) and Agent Brandt (Jeremy Renner), with Ving Rhames reprising his role as Luther Stickwell from the original. Gorgeous Rebecca Ferguson (not the X Factor singer, the Swedish film star) is a newcomer, together with rat-faced Sean Harris (Prometheus) as a villain, and Alec Baldwin as the Head of the CIA.

Best dialogue? “Shutting down the IMF is a mistake you may regret.”

Best moment? The shot of Cruise clinging on an airplane during take-off (which was a stunt he did for real) appears in this trailer, but it’s somewhat overshadowed by an underwater version of the ’95 film’s impossible heist.

Worst-case scenario? Mission: Impossible II, redux.

Best-case scenario? Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, redux.

When does the mission begin? 30 July 2015 in the UK, the day after in the U.S.