Frame Rated isn’t just a website. We have other many ways you can access our content, which for some people are more convenient than steering a web-browser towards So, for those unaware of them all… we’re also on…


frame rated facebook

Our latest way to access Frame Rated is through Facebook. Maybe you’ve heard of it? If you prefer to have our content fed to the world’s biggest social media platform, visit and ‘Like’ our page. We also encourage you to interact with us there, although it’s not essential.



The best way to get notified of new content on Frame Rated is through Twitter. This is the core method we promote content every day. And unlike everywhere else, @frameratedUK will retweet new content numerous times, not just once, while also promoting archival reviews that become relevant. We also credit each writer using their Twitter handle, if you care to follow your favourites as individuals.

Tumblr – ‘Frame Curated’

frame rated - tumblr

You may not realise we have a Tumblr, called Frame Curated, because we don’t like to crow about it. This is separate to the main site’s concerns, being a bonus repository of HD vidcaps from the DVD and Blu-rays we watch. Most of the images relate to films or TV shows we’ve reviewed previously, with a link to our archive. While not essential to enjoying Frame Rated, it’s growing in popularity amongst the denizens of Tumblr and well worth a follow. Our Twitter profile will link to any new vidcap collections that are made, too.

RSS Feeds

One of the most convenient ways to read content en masse is with a feed reader, which takes a site or blog’s RSS feed and essentially summarises content down to text and images. If you fancy a no-thrills visit to Frame Rated every day, simply add this URL to whichever feedreader you use: However, while it’s nice to get subscribers to the RSS feed, we recommend you visit the main website from time to time for the full experience, as feeds don’t count towards page-hits and therefore skew our visitor stats. If you do enjoy something you’ve read on RSS, sharing the content would be very helpful to us.