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I’m a writer based in New York City with a degree in creative writing. I help businesses tell their stories by day, and in my free time, I can often be found ignoring life’s bigger questions while dissecting books and film.

I’m a Melbourne-based writer and editor. My work has appeared in Germ and Marrow Magazine. When I’m not writing, reading, or watching films, I’m traveling with my two Siberian huskies.

I'm a copywriter, author, Catholic, bookworm and film nerd based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I've contributed to the Harry Potter site Mugglenet and have ghost-written many historical romance books. I'm always up for a ridiculous comedy or campy horror flick, and when I'm not typing at my computer I'm discussing films, TV, and books with my husband while our two dogs look on and contribute with yawns and sighs.

I'm Branden Zavaleta, a Western Australian who loves the landscapes, the people, and the animals. I like watching these on film too, like the overgrown zone of Takovsky’s Stalker, or the strange characters of Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch. But I’m also a sucker for cute stuff like a Studio Ghibli movie.

I grew up in the west of Ireland and started writing from a young age. I like anything written by Cormac McCarthy and Gabriel García Márquez. The films of Kubrick, Tarkovsky, and Paul Thomas Anderson are my favourite, and I love a good horror movie.

I'm a writer currently living in New York City. My work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, The Under Review, and Necessary Fiction.

I'm a freelance editor and author of the short story “Lucky Day” in the anthology Berkeley Noir (Akashic Press 2020). I also wrote Butchertown, a ripping, 1920s gangster thriller, and the award-winning contemporary vampire novel Dragon’s Ark.

I'm an actor, writer and podcaster based in Los Angeles. A pop culture obsessive, I co-created and co-host the podcast Your Next Obsession and
write on Substack. My recent film credits include the feature film
Remaining Light (on Tubi) and the upcoming short film Hey Helpo, Let’s Go!

I'm a writer and podcaster based in London. I spend far too much money on Starbucks, cinema tickets, and books. Ask me for a recommendation!