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I'm a freelance film writer based in Brooklyn, New York. I cover everything from indies to blockbusters across a number of publications.

I'm a freelance journalist in Nashville, USA, who writes for a university during the day and about movies, sports, and more at night.

I'm a TV and film enthusiast from Canada with a passion for all things pop culture. I've previously contributed film and music reviews to Exclaim! When I’m not taking in media, I’m usually out for walks with my dog Kato, getting pulled from squirrel to squirrel.

I'm a lover of film and compulsive Blu-ray purchaser. My favourite movie is Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy. I work on the sports desk of a national newspaper and have been known to write the odd graphic novel, too. I live by the seaside with my wife, kids, and cats.

I live in Colchester, Essex, UK, and work in administration for a newspaper. My interests include film, literature, and horror fiction.

I’m an arts marketer working in Surrey, England. A TV addict pre-pandemic, I'm unable to blame lockdown for my frequent boxset bingeing. Frequent cultural event-goer (when allowed), be that concert, festival, theatre show, or stand-up. Loves a pop culture moment.

Student screenwriter, playwright, and amateur film writer in the Chicago area. Politics and art are inseparable. Probably praises way too many 2010s films as "modern classics." CIC (Chicago Indie Critics) Affiliate Member.

I'm a freelance film and culture writer whose work has been featured in Little White Lies. Born and bred in London, I love dissecting films through a queer and feminist lens. When in doubt, I ask myself “what would Agent Cooper do?”.... which usually leads to lots of pie and coffee.